2016年8月24日 (水)

a trickier proposition

You cannot change the laws of physics ... but could physics actually enable us to travel through time?

   It might sound crazy, but according to Einstein's theories, there's no logical reason why time travel isn't possible. 

    Time travel is clearly a trickier proposition than space travel,though. And prior to Einstein, it would have been deemed utterly impossible! That's because the old idea about time was that it was like a cosmic metronome keeping a regular and constant beat throughout the universe. And it was thought to move in one direction only .

     However, what physicists now know is that time is rather more flexible than the old “ Clockwork Universe” ideas they had it. And it was Albert Einstein who set the cat among the pigeons.

  Einstein's theories about time and space were revolutionary. He became a celebrity--and not just in scientific circles. It's only since he published his theories that scientists have been able to demonstrate that space and time really behave the way he said they did.

  In 1971, after Einstein's death, two scientists were able to carry out a crucial experiment. They used two atomic clocks, synchronized them, and placed one on a plane, while the other stayed in the same location on Earth. The plane then flew around the world for 80 hours. According to Einstein's theory, the clock on the plane would be expected to have lost time, due to being in motion over 80 hours compared to the clock on the ground. When they brought the clocks together and made a comparison, the clock on the plane was indeed a few nanoseconds slower than the other clock. The experiment was replicated in 1996 with advanced technology, and it was proved again--with an even bigger time difference this time. Which proves that not only is time “ warp-able” , but Einstein was arguably the greatest thinker the world has ever seen.

    If it were possible, however, it would present some pretty knotty paradoxes... For example, what if someone or something traveled back in time and changed the ensuing future? And have you heard the one about the time traveller who dots back and forward in time and by means of various medical technologies is able to be his own father AND mother?! And besides, if time travel is possible, where are all the people from the future--surely they'd want to come and meet us poor stranded 21st century beings?

2015年12月23日 (水)

the service will help many other children.

He's very much looking forward to Christmas cheap ecig and we couldn't be prouder of the way he has taken it all in his stride." His doctors are hopeful that his cancer treatment will shrink his brain tumour, a type of tumour called a glioma. Dr Sheila Lane, a consultant at the John Radcliffe, said: "These tumours can possibly be cured with intensive chemotherapy. Patients can have a long and happy life without any problems." The NHS does not fund the freezing of testicular or ovarian tissue needed to let patients have their own children. But a cash donation from fertility firm IVI has helped create a national service for England and Wales, housed at the hospital in Oxford. Dr Lane hopes the service will help many other children. Each year in the UK there are around 1,500 new cases of childhood cancer in people under 15. And cancer treatment leaves around one in 10 infertile. Kate Lee of CLIC Sargent, the children and young people's cancer support charity, said: "Every year, thousands of parents who receive the devastating news that their child has cancer can then face additional worries that their child's life-saving treatment could leave them unable to have their own family. "Although at this early stage it is difficult to predict how successful this new technique will be, it is certainly a fantastic opportunity for the DR REBORN young boy and family involved, and a positive step forward."

2015年7月21日 (火)

I want to make a snow in spring

Turbulent ageless fantasy, snow falling silent, snow dance, sing with nowhere to search into the long river of time, the past and dancing snowflakes still patches of snow, emotions and thoughts that who is down to the ground?
Get up this morning, the starts are in full bloom snow, snow, looking and searching, wave spread, gone with the wind in the field, and dancing in the streets; Gone with the wind on the diffused earth, dance at the end of the time. It falls to the dream, the dream is my reach happiness time; Drift to the in the mind, the heart become empty spirit bright and clean, spotless.
I love snow, it's crystal clear, natural and unrestrained freely, a song, I love you snow, camels will lead me through time and space tunnel back to young age, as if I were heavy snow in the night on the playground, outdoor TV xiu-mei Yin in the singing. Standing in the corner silently humble, brow with childish I, how blurred the illusion and hope, that is how green years! Carry me how much the faint dream, who knows?
I love snow, it's white and bright enchanting. A thousands of critics, pear tree to open expounds how many beautiful stories in the snow, as if I take one hand, running in the wild field, lift with silver flowers in the tree, let it on, Dream beauty pro let it fly, all shown a romantic story leaves profusion, that is how to float in the sky of youth! That floats in the land of a flower soul how many bits and pieces, I have the heart, who knows?
I love snow, it is clever and silent, looking and searching. In a familiar city, there are some inspiration of night, snow, always enters the room, quietly to land, to my surprise, let I touched, give me the power of rebirth. In the streets of snow in spring, I dance with the snow, in the spring, I look for the pain through one thousand cocoon into a butterfly. That is how a tortuous experience! How much heartache into happiness, who believe?
I love snow, it's deep, open-minded, warm tender feelings of love it. Remember when I stay in "product" that a string footprints? Snow, as long as there is it, my happy heart happy, has the charm of the landscape xiaomei; It always accept me selflessly generous warmth in it's arms, Dream beauty pro let me pour out incisively and vividly, drunk in between heaven and earth vast expanse of whiteness. Snow, reflects my happiness, shaded by bamboo in the flash light up.and I the snowflake, which is a and snow how happy adventure! Who have?
I love snow, the snow and I decree by destiny...
Snow days, like to stand in the snow that is like a butterfly wings like weak snow pass in my eyes, Yin a Que cifu about snow, in the heart the ethereal is deduced endless hope; Fluttered in the spring time, in a empty road, tread the spring rustle beneath your feet, that dusty past a little melt under foot, who sing a song for me "snow"? I walked aimlessly, as the wind tore my long hair, Ren Xuehua kissed my cheek and falling for me, to melt, moisten my eyebrow, moist my eyes, moist my dog falling hearts reenex...
Who said, each type hexagonal petals, postmark of spring reenex?
If this, I would like to make a spring snow, playing in the vast heaven and earth, moisten all living beings; I would like to make a spring snow, Dream beauty pro hard sell dancing all last cold, also a net light and beauty, the universe is a perpetual spring in the world; I would like to make a spring snow, dance to fall to the dark dust on my dress reenex, dance all acidity and turbidity, let the heart no longer cold, no longer dry, so lovingly tell who can I hear?

2015年7月13日 (月)

Hold the destiny of a bamboo SPAR

Experienced a time of shallow sing, luxuriant words only record only beautiful love others. Whether it is naive to love singing sound or to the other assertions, sombre breakup, are made with once if words, path, hand through the streets, HKUE amec and pale.
So, boy you don't easily say "always" "forever" even more "passage" such a sensitive word, for "future", can you pay for her, throwing the weight of ahead of time does not depend on you, on the balance of love, and you are throwing the weight, not what you now have. Now you can say you name brand, the school tuition, life diet cost and so on, are you through work? So, you don't have the leverage to pave the way for her at this time, can't win her "future".
When you really one day with you, as a wager to the best of her life, this affair should be more meaningful than now. Of course, I also don't object to fall in love, now we just need to understand what you're doing! Ma to start a business after he graduated, he can eat instant noodles every day, sleep floor, now he is successful, he can make any instant noodle manufacturers to buy. We don't have to wonder if huang xiaoming his English as fluently as "the Chinese partners," said, because he can now afford all kinds of translation.
TangGuSanShao, he also need not worry that they could become representative of fiction, because he has been writing a book, never care about these Dream beauty pro. Visible, they are all have their own weight, to win the lover's life. They all have their own game capital, they bet on winning or losing. And after we bet is holding a struggle of dignity, to pay for the youth bullshit.
If one day you lose, you lose in the way of the trip. Now there are two obvious phenomenon, famous university students have a day of the ascetic other university students living in the emperor. As some people every day in a hurry, shuttle in the campus and library, some is walking the streets of the neon, bar. After the elderly, people of different experience, when the recall when young, they said is not "what I have been chasing the girl". Did the former is said with a smile, "I cried, I was spent in the busy" which is after the elderly cried "my youth was spent in playing".
Now, as an investment for myself, if want to make her happy, excavates its own potential, and then through the effort to win her.
When it comes to here, between eyes but think of her. She said she like lavender, and provence in France is the most beautiful lavender. I think that the way of taking the advantage of young energetic, to compete for a moment, in order to get more bets. With her, to the most beautiful provence, riding a horse, with her through the castle, to listen to the ancient beautiful music coming from the castle in, took her hand and foot on the note, to take flowers, her favorite that lavender, Dream beauty pro and she live in the castle, weave the prince and the princess story, in a quiet garden, we also build a build love's cabin, a total of a sad dream. In the flowers and you promised me, make up for that we missed the time for youth struggle.
Night, quiet moonlight candle, to taste the wine store several years ago, with mature handwriting wrote I and she is the most beautiful and good future. Under the light of the moon together, to toast, quietly understand this well.

2015年3月 9日 (月)

Who was there, and built a city

Who is in the bluestone ancient alley walked with an oiled paper umbrella through the dense jiangnan, only to find I agreed; Is who, in the fireworks in March low eyebrow aficionado, with my days in nostalgia, only to find the shade of beautiful; Who is in the incomplete afterglow built a city, through the eyes of waiting, only for the person such as return.
Love a person, love a city. Not because there carpet of flowers, it's not because there are the one person heart, only for the appearance, the smile, the scent. She was, so my heart. A nidea, abandoned all, following the footsteps of her, looking at the back, from sunrise, until the west.
Love, is a lifetime of delusion. In order to see a pear snowy day sad, in the rainy season LianNa, embroidering shoe on qing xiang ren splashed soil; To copy a paper hong mei frost and snow, let the wind to fill her casement, cold screen, provoked a chilly room left petals charming point ink; In order to go to a leaf fall wild goose flying hongxia of the vastness of the sky over the landscape diversity, the world of mortals do, sails in shi keep agreed at the end of the other side.
Out of the window deep mist hazy, egrets far apart and watanabe, look not to wear heart, but still hiding in the wounds after the faint aroma of flow up. A pot of drift, a strike, night into the sorrow, but in the fallout from the next day dawn flared talk long, only to read I stir.
I'm not a traveler, just love you that break heart with dancing art; Day after day, I am not a prodigal, willing to gather snow mountain of violet, bo you crack; Linjiang, 55, the ripples in the water condensed glistening, grounded the missing. Twist the emei, cold screen, hopefully have becomes the spring and autumn.
Gazing at that season, that piece of, perhaps many years later still will remember the appearance, the women in the city. Roll up the bead curtain, gently cut out a leer, then lock that I love long.
Only shallow towards white moonlight, just had a look back deeply. The locust, the motto, pick up the fallen leaves drop yellow white hand, not love, is willing to silently waiting for a lifetime, until the long whitehead.
Quiet, zhiyuan. Build a town, quietly quietly in constructing a sad dream, edge under the window, facing the broken bridge, fragrant snow Lancashire. Breeze breeze, silently for me to miss, long to bring flowers.
Looking at, waiting. Xie, blossoms and empty cabinet. Pick up the scattered on the ground fall collapse, did I, would also like to watch quietly in the late in the day and night, might not return, perhaps already stepped into another world of mortals. At the very least, the heart, without regrets, I'm just doing you want to do.
Green pool in the city, are in full bloom in front of chardonnay, long moss solitude of climbing the rocky, like flowers, want to romantic season, can only hide in the cyan misty rain.
Lonely lamp, cold class. The stars, as her eyes in my heart, drill in the armpit. Cold here, but want to sleep sleep.
Who was there, and built a city. And who is there, waiting for that person. And who, with no regrets, chi, etc. Convert the space-time, forget time, such as the flower flower xie. Is lonely cold cold month after all, as ice. A cup of wine, a bamboo, I open.
Who was there, and built a city. In the city there is a miss, know to who said.

2014年12月16日 (火)


At the beach, I picked up a little shell.
Shell small, but very hard and delicate. Intermediate pattern cyclotron has a color or deep or shallow small point, if you look closely at every small point but also has a complex pattern around the circle of self. No wonder the ancient times, culturelle people do use the shell coins lying in my hand and my heart is really a work of art, is reluctant to take the baby and others exchanged ah!
Picked up at the beach this time a shell, which once lived in the little soft flesh already dead, beneath the sun, sand and surf of panning, the shells are left behind traces of life has completely disappeared. However, for such a short life and small, for such a vulnerable and humble life, God gave it to make it out of the small center are more refined, more careful, meticulous how much it adjustable desk!
Compared to the shells of life, I can stay in this world of time and space is not much longer and a little more of it? Is not it also be with my ability to do the things I can do more refined electrical desk, more careful, more to the letter it?
Please let me also can leave some people cherish, amazing things to come.
After thousands of years,culturelle maybe someone will leave traces of my repeated viewing, repeated play, and will not help gently sigh: "This is how stubborn How a simple heart ah!"

2014年10月20日 (月)

Hurt, leaving marks

Where you are
Did you go so hurry
I even can not retain your back
Even if a message electrical desk
This is not a joke
Not only will be able to resolve the hiding of the
It was just nothing in vain
Who would do
If you can stick to pretend
Whether you'll understand
My difficulties
My melancholy
Like raindrops hit the glass
Some come by surprise
When to go and fall
It is very frustrating
Why so detached
Glass pain just know it
Also heartache
But it can give
It is only
In the heart of glass
Leaving a long trace
Unforgettable experience pain
But can not quiet Study Tour
Unable to complaints
In their memory

2014年6月12日 (木)

Common core support

Higher education leaders in 33 states on Tuesday announced the formation of a coalition in support of Common Core education standards rolling out in most states.
The more than 200 college presidents and state higher education leaders say the K-12 standards represent a significant improvement over most states' standards. They say they are needed to tackle the high rate of students needing remedial help in college, and that the higher education community has a "clear and compelling" stake in the debate nuskin hk.
"These standards are good for our students, our states and our country," said Nancy Zimpher, chancellor of the State University of New York. "We must have students that are college- and career-ready in order for the United States to continue to compete and win in the 21st Century global economy."
Zimpher, in a statement, said the formation of the coalition is a call to action and she urges all colleagues in higher education to "stand up and make their voices heard on Common Core."
The coalition said that about half of all students going to 2-year college and 20 percent going to a 4-year institution need remedial help nuskin hk. Only a small number of these students later graduate.
John Morgan, chancellor of the Tennessee Board of Regents, says higher education leaders have been working to address this, but "we believe Common Core standards, with their focus on critical thinking and problem solving, can help improve student success."
The standards spell out what math and English skills students should master at each grade. They were adopted on a state-by-state basis but have faced push-back jimmy wong. Governors in Indiana, South Carolina and Oklahoma have signed legislation to repeal them.
The federal government has offered incentives to states to adopt career and college ready standards such as Common Core. That has led to accusations of federal intrusion the storage limited. There have also been complaints that the standards are untested and that they have not been properly implemented.

2014年3月17日 (月)

Black USA Congress

Republican Representative Paul Ryan on Friday agreed to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus after members of the group branded his remarks about inner-city poverty this week "highly offensive".
The controversy began on Wednesday after Ryan said on William Bennett's talk radio show, "Morning in America," that there was a "tailspin of culture nuskin hk, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value of work."
Representative Barbara Lee of California, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, called Ryan's remarks a "thinly veiled racial attack."
"Let's be clear, when Mr. Ryan says 'inner city,' when he says, 'culture,' these are simply code words for what he really means: 'black'," Lee said in a statement.
Ryan, the 2012 Republican vice presidential candidate, is known for budgets with proposed deep cuts to programs that help the poor. The potential 2016 presidential contender has made a point of proposing Republican solutions to ease poverty that focus on the private sector.
The Wisconsin lawmaker, who chairs the House Budget Committee, said in a statement that he "was inarticulate" about the point he was trying to make.
"I was not implicating the culture of one community Secondary School, but of society as a whole," Ryan said. "We have allowed our society to isolate or quarantine the poor rather than integrate people into our communities. The predictable result has been multi-generational poverty and little opportunity."
Last week Ryan released a report on the federal government's 50-year-old "War on Poverty" that concluded that many of the 92 federal programs aimed at assisting the poor were "haphazard" and contributed to a "poverty trap" that keeps people dependent on welfare benefits.
Representative Marcia Fudge, chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Representative Gwen Moore, also from Wisconsin, sent Ryan a letter in which they called his talk radio remarks "highly offensive" and invited him to a meeting of the caucus to discuss ways to eradicate poverty.
"A serious policy conversation on poverty should not begin with assumptions or stereotypes," they wrote.
Ryan spokesman William Allison said on Friday the House Budget Committee chairman "would welcome a productive conversation on how to better fight poverty, and he looks forward to meeting with the CBC in the near future."
Allison declined to comment on the timing for Ryan's 2015 budget plan.
House Speaker John Boehner has repeatedly said the House would pass a budget this year that would reach balance within 10 years. This would require deep cuts in federal benefit programs, especially if previously agreed discretionary spending levels for 2015 are maintained nu skin.
Republican lawmakers and aides said on Friday that party leaders were polling rank-and-file members to gauge support in the caucus for a budget that balances in 10 years, indicating some uncertainty over the path forward.
No Democrats are likely to vote for a Ryan budget, so to pass, it would need 218 votes out of the party's 233 House members.
A two-year budget deal negotiated by Ryan and Democratic Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray had to rely on Democrats for passage as 62 Republicans voted against it Combination House.

2014年3月 8日 (土)

Biblical patriarchy organization

A week after the theologically conservative Institute in Basic Life Principles placed its leader Bill Gothard on administrative leave, the influential leader in the Quiverfull and Christian homeschooling movements has resigned from the organization.
A week after the theologically conservative Institute in Basic Life Principles placed its leader Bill Gothard on administrative leave g-suite cardinal manchester, the influential leader in the Quiverfull and Christian homeschooling movements has resigned from the organization. Gothard, 79, faces accusations of sexual abuse from dozens of women associated with his organization. The IBLP promotes a "chain of command" family hierarchy that Gothard claims is based on Biblical principles. In seminars, the institute has described the structure with the image of a father as the "hammer" of the family, the wife as the "chisel," and the children as "gems" in the rough.
Another Major 'Biblical Patriarchy' Organization is In Crisis Because of a Sex ScandalCourtesy of Basic Life Principles
Bill Gothard
This is the third organization associated with an umbrella of group sometimes referred to as the "Biblical patriarchy" movement to face a major sex scandal in recent months. In October, the Vision Forum ministry shut down after its leader Doug Phillips confessed to having a romantic affair outside of marriage. And just weeks ago, The New Republic published an investigation into sexual assault at Patrick Henry College, an evangelical university with big homeschooling support. The accusations against Gothard are quite serious. According to a whistle-blowing organization called Recovering Grace, at least 34 women have accused Gothard of unwanted sexual advances, and four of those women say the leader molested them. One of those four women is underage.
Religion News Service's Sarah Pulliam Bailey has been covering the scandal as it unfolded; she spoke to some of the women accusing Gothard of sexual misconduct. According to them, Gothard used his position of authority and as a counselor to those adapting his approach to Christianity in order to "create an emotional bond" with them nu skin hk. Rachel Frost worked at the organization's headquarters as a teenager, and is one of the women who shared her story with Recovering Grace. Here's what she told RNS:
“There was a very common grooming pattern of creating emotional bonds and physical affirmations, the footsie, the leg rubs, the stroking of the hair, the constant comments on physical appearance."
Last week, based on the accusations collected by Recovering Grace, Gothard went on leave pending a review by his organization, which he founded in 1965. The board,  in a statement at the time said, "will respond at an appropriate time, and in a biblical manner" after finishing their investigation. The scandal, however, isn't the only problem facing the organization: In recent years, the $95 million-a-year nonprofit has seen its finances dwindle, as RNS noted. Gothard's empire had its biggest reach in the 1970s and '80s, when his organization's seminars would fill 20,000-seat stadiums. And his approach spread out into conservative American takes on popular culture: when you think of conservative Christians condemning rock music during that time, you're probably thinking of someone who was influenced by Gothard. He sells his teachings like they're self-help guides: some of his books have titles like Why Did God Let It Happen?, Men's Manual, and The Amazing Way.
Nevertheless, it and Gothard in particular remain influential: Gov. Rick Perry has spoken at an IBLP conference, Rep. Sam Johnson of Texas sat on the organization's board, Congressman Daniel Webster's ties to Gothard's organizations became a campaign issue for him in 2011, g-suite and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was photographed with Gothard at a fundraiser for his 2008 presidential campaign. And arguably the world's biggest advocates for the conservative Quiverfull and homeschooling movements — the reality TV family the Duggars — are devotees of Gothard's Advanced Training Institute seminars. Until recently, the Duggars' official website called Gothard's Embassy Institute (which he also founded) their "#1 recommended resource" for families (that page now displays as blank).
It's not clear at this point whether the consequences of the accusations against Gothard will include criminal investigations. Some of the cases date back at least to the early 1990s, meaning the statute of limitations may have passed.

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