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2015年7月21日 (火)

I want to make a snow in spring

Turbulent ageless fantasy, snow falling silent, snow dance, sing with nowhere to search into the long river of time, the past and dancing snowflakes still patches of snow, emotions and thoughts that who is down to the ground?
Get up this morning, the starts are in full bloom snow, snow, looking and searching, wave spread, gone with the wind in the field, and dancing in the streets; Gone with the wind on the diffused earth, dance at the end of the time. It falls to the dream, the dream is my reach happiness time; Drift to the in the mind, the heart become empty spirit bright and clean, spotless.
I love snow, it's crystal clear, natural and unrestrained freely, a song, I love you snow, camels will lead me through time and space tunnel back to young age, as if I were heavy snow in the night on the playground, outdoor TV xiu-mei Yin in the singing. Standing in the corner silently humble, brow with childish I, how blurred the illusion and hope, that is how green years! Carry me how much the faint dream, who knows?
I love snow, it's white and bright enchanting. A thousands of critics, pear tree to open expounds how many beautiful stories in the snow, as if I take one hand, running in the wild field, lift with silver flowers in the tree, let it on, Dream beauty pro let it fly, all shown a romantic story leaves profusion, that is how to float in the sky of youth! That floats in the land of a flower soul how many bits and pieces, I have the heart, who knows?
I love snow, it is clever and silent, looking and searching. In a familiar city, there are some inspiration of night, snow, always enters the room, quietly to land, to my surprise, let I touched, give me the power of rebirth. In the streets of snow in spring, I dance with the snow, in the spring, I look for the pain through one thousand cocoon into a butterfly. That is how a tortuous experience! How much heartache into happiness, who believe?
I love snow, it's deep, open-minded, warm tender feelings of love it. Remember when I stay in "product" that a string footprints? Snow, as long as there is it, my happy heart happy, has the charm of the landscape xiaomei; It always accept me selflessly generous warmth in it's arms, Dream beauty pro let me pour out incisively and vividly, drunk in between heaven and earth vast expanse of whiteness. Snow, reflects my happiness, shaded by bamboo in the flash light up.and I the snowflake, which is a and snow how happy adventure! Who have?
I love snow, the snow and I decree by destiny...
Snow days, like to stand in the snow that is like a butterfly wings like weak snow pass in my eyes, Yin a Que cifu about snow, in the heart the ethereal is deduced endless hope; Fluttered in the spring time, in a empty road, tread the spring rustle beneath your feet, that dusty past a little melt under foot, who sing a song for me "snow"? I walked aimlessly, as the wind tore my long hair, Ren Xuehua kissed my cheek and falling for me, to melt, moisten my eyebrow, moist my eyes, moist my dog falling hearts reenex...
Who said, each type hexagonal petals, postmark of spring reenex?
If this, I would like to make a spring snow, playing in the vast heaven and earth, moisten all living beings; I would like to make a spring snow, Dream beauty pro hard sell dancing all last cold, also a net light and beauty, the universe is a perpetual spring in the world; I would like to make a spring snow, dance to fall to the dark dust on my dress reenex, dance all acidity and turbidity, let the heart no longer cold, no longer dry, so lovingly tell who can I hear?

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